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Fortuna Arcane Overview

Fortuna Arcane Overview

Hey guys, this is a quick overview of the Fortuna arcanes. I hope this helps when you are looking at which ones to get while leveling Vox Solaris. I have a few that I rally enjoy using, but the majority can be skipped unless you are looking for a specific bonus. Hope you’re all having a good one = )
Current as of 24.5.0

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Operator Arcanes:

Vox Solars:

Magus Overload:

Magus Glitch:

Magus Repair:

Magus Drive:

Magus Lockdown:

Magus Revert:

Magus Destruct

Magus Anomaly:

Virtuos Trojan:

Virtuos Surge

Virtuos Spike:

Virtuos Forge:

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