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eRa, The Mass — after Carl Orff "O Fortuna" (Carmina Burana cantata).

eRa, The Mass — after Carl Orff "O Fortuna" (Carmina Burana cantata).

This eRa arrangement of Carl Orff’s «O Fortuna», from Orff’s «Carmina Burana» cantata is wonderfully uplifting — it fills me with energy; revitalises my ever fragile faith and disappointment about the World. Elements of eRa’s Divano are interwoven in this piece and I have uploaded a vid of the original version of that work elsewhere on my Channel.

If only a few people, even in a small way, are inspired by the genius of the artists depicted here — their art and architecture — and feel impelled to explore all art further (of all faiths and genres) then I’ll be happy! Artists of the Christian faith dominate in this clip of course, but that’s merely because of my personal experience. For myself, I look in humility, awe and wonder at what humanity has achieved.

It occurred to me to say something about our present «dark, disturbed World». When one surveys history, it has always been so, regardless of succeeding generations’ perception of a «happier past» — sheer speed of change today notwithstanding. And that speed is changing everything.

Note: the «language» sung here is an odd mixture of Latin, faux Latin, and Greek — largely gobbledygook, deliberately devoid of any exact meaning.

I took these photographs at: York Minster, England; Siena Cathedral, Italy (Archangel Michael atop the West Gable); St. Peter’s Basilica (including the Papal triple-tiara), Rome; the Abbey of St. Antimo in Tuscany; Basilica di Santa Croce, Florence; Chiusi Cathedral, Tuscany; backstreet in Rome; a monastery in the Sierra de Francia, Spain. The image of Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation in Westminster Abbey is not by me, of course!

Peace, grace and happiness in all your endeavours.


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